Irregular course Registration

Year Course name 분류 Professor Register
2021 2021 Winter Field Practice Online Lecture 학과프로그램 김주현, 정선도 admission
2021 Special Lectures in International Language Studies in 2021 학과프로그램 권운영, 손지원 admission
2021 Irregular lectures for the first, second, and third grades of the Department of Radiology in the academic year 2021 학과프로그램 김상현, 이경민 Register
2021 2021 Radiology Department 4th Grade National Exam Preparation Program 학과프로그램 김상현, 이경민 admission
2021 Special Lecture by Hygienist in the School of Foodservice Cooking for 2021 학과프로그램 한기영, 안지수 admission
2021 2021 Summer Vacation Social Welfare Field Training Pre-education (OT) 학과프로그램 성금단, 조성심, 황희숙, 김민정 admission
2021 English Reading&Listening(2) (001 학과프로그램 우미화, 김희선 Register
2021 Support for national examination preparation in the Department of Radiology 학과프로그램 김상현, 이경민 admission
2021 Pathology practice field reinforcement program 학과프로그램 한경희, 김무현 Register