Irregular course Registration

Year Course name 분류 Professor Register
2022 Class of 2022 [Special Lecture on Entrepreneurship in the First Half of the Year] Entrepreneurship_Enhancement of Startup Competency 취창업처 한서아 Register
2022 Briefing session for the department (major) in charge of employment statistics survey for academic year 2022 취창업처 채은혜 Register
2022 Media Journalism Department Customized Practical Employment Coaching 취창업처 탁은혜 Register
2022 Employment/Practical employment 취창업처 황민아, 차계영, 채은혜 Register
2022 Employment/Competency Reinforcement 취창업처 차계영, 황민아, 채은혜 Register
2022 Employment/Career (Career) Design 취창업처 황민아, 차계영, 채은혜 Register
2022 Employment/Career (Career) Search 취창업처 황민아, 채은혜, 차계영 Register